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Test your SSL security. Many sites with SSL are not as secure as you may think.
OneFri Jan 16 1970
Very useful tool for testing the SSL strength and configuration of web sites.
Très pratique ce site ! J'ai pu améliorer la note de mon SSL !
Numerous tools, free and subscription, for site, browser and patch testing of networks, servers and end user machines. Excellent site for Network Administrators or those wanting to check the reliability of web sites they own, visit or use or the browsers used for that purpose.
Site-raterSat Jan 17 1970
Find out if that "secure" site is really all that secure. I run it on my own website on a regular basis. Remember with this site to check back frequently as the ratings can change due to new vulnerabilities, etc. In addition, check back any time any server settings are changed, to verify that you are still getting a good grade.
This is a good site for testing out if SSL certificates really are what they claim to be.
Хороший сервис для любителей шифрования)). Я когда добился зелененькой оценки А+ с ужасом обнаружил что на такое шифрование уходит определенная часть ресурсов моего сервера и как следствие небольшое торможение при загрузке. Вывод не торопитесь шифровать все и вся.
gerome_laadSat Jan 17 1970
Bon site pour checker la sécurité de son certificat SSL. #safe
Das kostenlose Online-Dienst führt eine tiefe Analyse der Konfiguration jedes SSL-Webserver auf dem öffentlichen Internet.
schokomolokoSat Jan 17 1970
Der ssltest ist das ultimative Standardtool für die Analyse von SSL/TLS Zertifikaten. Hervorragender Servervice und vor allem kostenlos.

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