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drbrilliantFri Jan 16 1970 is an alias for which is the access point for providing remote computer support. Logmein is used by many companies for remote computer access and support. Some of them may be dishonest but others are not. It depends who is sending you there. I work for a small business and we use LogMeIn to provide technical support for our clients. Check out LogMeIn. They are a reliable company. But don't log in or give anyone access to your computer that you don't know or trust. My point is that is not necessarily untrustworthy - it depends who has contacted you and why.
mopsnetworkSat Jan 17 1970
This website is legit and has been created by the company LogMeIn, Inc, which are the same developers of the tool The reason is poorly rated is because a lot of India scammers use this tool to commit fraud, scams, money scams and other criminal activity, relating to false tales of how one's computer is infected when it really isn't. Do not mistake LogMeIn for the India scammers. They will lie stating they are from LogMeIn, or from Microsoft, or any other legit company. Also most India scammers will use other people's tools like LogMeIn, or TeamViewer. In fact, will redirect you to this link: (notice https). ------------------------------ How did I obtain this information? I'm a computer security expert myself. :)
alphacentauriSat Jan 17 1970
This is a service used to allow remote access to computers. Scammers can only use it if the victims ALLOW them to use it. Downrating for the actions of scammers is like blaming the phone company if you answer a call and give a scammer your credit card number.
This is a legitimate domain owned by LogMeIn. It redirects to: where you can enter a code you received from a computer support technician to permit him to control your computer. Because anyone can use this service, make sure you are the one who initially requested computer support. Important ... If you receive an unexpected "cold call" advising you that your computer is faulty and demanding access to your computer, such a call is fraudulent - do not provide the caller with any financial or personal data and do not download or install anything based on the caller's instructions.
maxmanrulesFri Jan 16 1970
This is a scam, they called me claiming to be from Windows support. first, Windows(well actually Microsoft) does not have my phone number. second, they would never call anyway, and third, why would they want me to connect to a site that, when googled shows a zillion and three scam alerts underneath it??? Oh, and they try to scare you by making you look at event viewer, which stores event information on your computer, and uses that to scaremonger you into going to this site and downloading and running something that'll nab your info, and or destroy your system or something. I didn't download it.
This domain: is legitimate and is owned/operated by LogMeIn, Inc. There is discussion at: DNS: DNS: DNS:
This site is the one cold calling phone scammers direct you to when they promise to remotely fix virus problems on your PC. Evidence - see
Cold Call support scam. Don't fall for it
I know its not needed, as others have already commented here however. Just to let you know, I was bored and decided to waste some of their time to make me and everyone else who gets this call feel a bit better. 'Support me' staff knowledge base: Every error or warning entry in the event viewer is malware trying to hack your system and is definitely NOT misconfiguration errors with adobe, office or other benign programs. Your computer's router, along with EVERY other computer in the world's router sends information about hackers which have taken over your computer to a special 'International Router Organisation' based in California which forwards that info to 'Microsoft' who then PERSONALLY contact you to get you to visit this website, put in a special code and get their technicians to fix your PC. You need a special Microsoft Engineer certification to understand how the router sends this information. An amazing knowledge base, if only I had known that all routers had built in malware detection I wouldnt have bothered with an IPS!! Nothing too vicious, they just get you to check your event viewer and then visit the website from the run cmd.
This is a legitimate site used for remote-access purposes, HOWEVER these services are often used by phone con-artists to hack into the unwary user's machine and steal account passwords, etc. Read this accounting: Beware.

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