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SweetIM - the best place to get free animated emoticons winks and smileys for MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ messenger. Download free emoticons, smileys, glitters and ecards for your instant messages. Sweetim offers you free toolbar with thousands of smiles and animated emoticons.

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Warning! It installs adware whiten the smiley's!
When you install its smileys, it installs adware! Most sites like this seem legitimate. Luckily, WOT helps stop people from visiting sites like this. Do not visit this site and especially do not download/install anything!
free smileys? no spy or adware? then why does it need to install itself into a *browser*? Have you ever needed to include a smiley icon in your browser window? free smileys are images, not EXEcutables a .ZIP archive would be "free smileys."
Guldfisken1Thu Jan 15 1970
lollyman79Thu Jan 15 1970
Nice stuff,but full of spyware and adware. If you don`t belive me, download superantispyware,then install this crap,and then you will see...Bad surprise!
This thing will hijack your machine.
WARNING! It installs adware whiten the smiley's NOT SAFE
minäolenminäThu Jan 15 1970
This got my computer mixed up when I installed those smileys. I had to reinstall Windows and before that, I couldn't even access to Control Panel! It just froze my computer. Do not install anything from that site.
Listed on alexa top 500 websites list
Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970
This is a fraudulent site commonly led to by banner ads within the webpages that frequently target children. This site takes up the same practice as other such sites that promise the usage of these "cool smileys", such that adware, spyware, trojan horses and other nasties are bundled inside the package containing the smileys which the site deals out to customers. If anything, users who despise this kind of intrusion on their privacy should try getting a gecko-based browser (like Firefox or Opera) with the add-ons by name AdBlock plus and NoScript to stop this site's ads (and ads in general, as they are the tools that scammers use to get traffic going over to their sites) from coming up on your webpages.

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26 / 100