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bp-browserSat Jan 17 1970
Although the site seems to be clean from malware or viruses, it is a mass targeted advertising site. From the site's own promotional text: o "Build traffic with Taboola" o "Generate Revenue Monetize your site traffic with a superior RPM by inviting your users to discover high-quality sponsored articles and videos from Taboola's marketplace of publishers’ and brands’ content." o "Enable Re-Circulation Eliminate "dead-ends" on your desktop and mobile sites by surfacing personalized content people may like, on every page." o "Build a Video Business with Taboola" o "Taboola Goes Programmatic With Acquisition of Perfect Market"
poetdidyaknowitSat Jan 17 1970
Taboola is an advertising network disguised as news. It is designed to look like content sponsored by the web page you're currently visiting, but is instead disingenuous, sensationalist click bait.
There are so many things that they do wrong I would need a long time to list them all. What really sucks is how many sites I like attempt to run it and often times they have content that appears at first glance to be appealing. I have been hammering on this subject for a long time. If the content comes at too high of a price your best bet is to skip it. The bottom line is if it is by Taboola I put it in Tablockland!
danthemangoSat Jan 17 1970
I've got crapware on my computer that injects taboola ads onto youtube whenever I visit it. Fantastic.
sensational, come-ons, ads for dubious offers, sleezy content. Probably not illegal or pornographic, just very annoying. How can there be only 2 other reviews for this site???
liquid_dragonSat Jan 17 1970
This domain appears to be a advertizing broker, providing links on many legitimate sites to questionable sites. Fibromyalgia Today, LowerMyBills, etc. says it so well. This site is not, itself infected, but hosts links to other sites, which are. Most of my internet browsing problems involve this site in one form or another. Sometimes, no matter how appealing the content, it is safer to disregard than view.
Site-raterSat Jan 17 1970
Ads that look like news articles, many for fraudulent products and/or services. Edit: WOT Blog article on clickbait:
Adrian.KasbergenSat Jan 17 1970
Advertises sensational " news" on many popular news pages. Clicking these links open pages on domains owned by Taboola that force-feed pop-ups, pop-unders and fake virus and update-needed notifications. The last two install malware onto your system.
RemahCableSat Jan 17 1970
Taboola is involved in most of my poor browsing experiences: terrible ads, intrusive ads, often inappropriate ads, tracking, suspicious sites.

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