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robster2001Thu Jan 15 1970
Using WOT to block sites because you dislike the content will hurt WOT's credibility. The guy's nuts. But that's no reason to use WOT as a bludgeon on him.
This site is not a malware threat or spammer or cookie-flooder. It's just a famous internet crackpot. If you find wingnuts amusing, you will find this dude's a real pip. :-)
PixelHunterThu Jan 15 1970
Maximum trolling
This site is totally insane, it's one massive litany on the homepage of the authors rabid delusions. I don't know, something about 96 hour days and cubic Earth and how all adults are evil monsters, or ... I don't know what the hell the author is on about. After reading the scrolling equivalent of about 2 or 3 paper pages my head started to spin. I've got 3 words for this site and its author. Stark. Raving. MAD.
I don't see how anyone can call this ranting "harmless" or "entertaining." It's a pure hate speech. How is something like "Americans are dumb, educated ONE stupid and they worship ONEism Evil. It is not immoral to kill believers" entertaining? Also, while I'd like to think that everyone who reads it realizes it's crazy, I've been on the Internet long enough to realize that there are probably some people out there who actually believe it.
This site is harmless in terms of exploits or malware. The content is a bit crazy, but that's what makes it funny/entertaining.
manictigerThu Jan 15 1970
Too long; Didn't read. But I can say this site is full of hate after doing a brief scroll.
Very hateful remarks throughout the site. Couldn't bare to read any more than a few paragraphs. It is blasphemy and has no logic. It is NOT funny, and I don't understand why someone would waste so much time making that sort of site... :-/
░▒▓█Thu Jan 15 1970
Hate speech, see
amishrabbitThu Jan 15 1970
I don't believe in the 'cube

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