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This site gives honest comparisons and doesn't try and sell you on stuff you don't need.
This website, Toms Hardware Reviews, provides benchmarking and performace data for computer parts aimed at the enthusiast sector. It may have other functions as well. Good all around. Safe and clean.
VirtualVaultThu Jan 15 1970
A great place to get some up-to-date technical insights. Safe.
quantum137Thu Jan 15 1970
Very good site, professional reviews.
Popolinda81Thu Jan 15 1970
I like the hardware review section a lot!
ExapetabyteSat Jan 17 1970
One of the best websites for news about technology. It also has one forum that is very useful for users to exchange knowledge.
Tom's Hardware's UK site, forums, articles, news etc. on hardware and operating systems in general. Good site, but annoying ads especially among the posts.
Not worth using, adverts from HP Autonomy make the page unusable.
You can learn a lot of things in this website
A Good, useful and safe site!

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