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Green_PowerSat Jan 17 1970
best Anti-Adware - Malware site ever.
Aces N HoleSat Jan 17 1970
Great site there program removes spyware and toolbars others don't. But sometimes it removes extensions from chrome you don't want removed. I just reinstall them when that happens.
dormouse_aSat Jan 17 1970
Очень удобно удалять этой программой лишнюю рекламу
Toolslib is a Website with lot of softwares available for download and it helps developers to publish their softwares. This site is clean and safe. Few or no advertisements found.
When my wife ran AdwCleaner v4.102 there were many other programs that wanted to be installed.  Even though she said no to each, some of them installed anyway and because we said no, we never did get the AdwCleaner program.  Update:  Don't run this program as it put 31 PuPs on wife's computer (remove using Malwarebytes program)
Negative reviews are probably from competitors. Site never asks for any information and...wait, seriously? They're claiming AdwCleaner installed malware on their computer? You have to try better than that. :|
Nicholas.WattsSat Jan 17 1970
My antivirus detects it as a Trojan do not download anything
unfamiliar,asks for same info numerous times,did not ask for this site
AdwCleaner is good but as for the rest check virustotal Malicious files: 4 Warning: Malware Detected On This Website! Submission date: Sat Oct 3 17:35:05 2015 Server IP address: Country: Italy Server: nginx Malicious files: 4

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