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I read about the top 10 players of the 2010 world cup. I had no problems when I was here
byronshellThu Jan 15 1970
Top 10 lists are all PG-13 and below. Wholesome fun with no popup ads, spyware or adware. Well written and very entertaining.
Top notch site with great content.
Amazing articles, very well written and informative.
A definitive resource for top ten lists on a variety of topics. Far be it from to suggest that it's a more comprehensive source for top ten lists than Listverse, but if someone was going to make that suggestion, I would agree with it.
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
9 (!) JavaScript web bugs for tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy? See
cezarnakielskiSun Jan 18 1970
A lot of hate speech directed toward Poland. Warped, incomplete description of historical events. Juvenile fascination with abuse.

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