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charles1111Fri Jan 16 1970
I really like this site. I found here all the information I need when I decide to go into a trip.
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
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Moderation unsatisfactory because it censors reviews that say too truths about some places! This is serious! A blogger was sentenced to a fine of 2500 euros because of a review on a restaurant in Cap Ferret in France, here's the article (French): And here the reviews on TripAdvisor about this restaurant, there were plenty of who reminded the scandal, they were all deleted! (French) : Many trackers of third commercial companies and ads!
LaurentDemSun Jan 18 1970
Sometimes useful but we can't trust all the reviews left by users, i had a few bad experiences visiting hotels and restaurants with very good reviews on Tripadvisor.
fotoopiumgiSun Jan 18 1970

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