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kristofermFri Jan 16 1970
Other comment's on andriod market ----------------------------------------------------------- Please don't install this. You'll need to upload the phonebook data of all your FRIENDS! Please take THEIR privacy into account. ------------------------------------------------------------ After reading the "terms of use" on their website I immediately uninstalled this app. Just sayin ... ------------------------------------------------------------- Aren't these guys just taking your contact info and adding it to their database so that they can "share" it with others? --------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like a good idea but does nothing except ask if the calk you just received was spam.. never once did it give caller id info DON'T INTSALLT! AND JUST UNINTSTALL IT IF YOU HAVE IT !
Useful website...nothing wrong with either one. Used by millions of satisfied people all around the world...
very good website to track mobile details. An awesome app for mobile. I recommend this app or user frndly website to everyone.
kristofermFri Jan 16 1970
If you install it they take your contacts and add to server and other people see that.And i installed it and after 2 hours one spam caller just called me ! Please don't install it, your friend's name will be uploaded to internet too! Look for other comment's on internet!
Do NOT trust this site in any way! Aside from what others report here, this site takes your browser hostage and won't allow you to to return to your previous page.
Truecaller is awesome. User generated spam report to effectively filter out spam calls.
This site is aimed at providing details of spammers to help syphon calls. However, it collects the numbers through a number of routes, including an app on the phone. As a result, it is possible for people to provide contact information for their phone contacts, that the friends would not otherwise allow or approve of. This IS made clear by the site when, but the implications of doing so are not highlighted as well as it could be. For searching number sources, I would trust this site. I would, however hesitate at allowing the app to upload phone contact details of others, without their express permission.
First it was Green , But Now It's Just Grey  =  :/
an awesome idea , just take every contact info saved by the users and upload it securely , there is a facility to remove your entire info so that's a plus
eaglecreekrobSun Jan 18 1970
The worst,needed to call emergency twice and both times it blocked me from reaching them.I ended up borrowing another phone.Constantly blocked me from calling out,recieved spam calls,told me I was over the limit for calls and I only make a coule of calls a day.WORST SERVICE EVER,HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND installing this app.It SUCKS!

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