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Welkom op Tweakers, sinds 1998 de grootste website in Nederland over technologie en elektronica met nieuws, reviews en de bekroonde Pricewatch.

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Very good informative site with the latest news on hard-, and software and technology.
Very useful site. Talks about computer and electronics. The forum is a very helpful place, when you've done your own research. So it's for the more advanced users.
Dutch. Useful site, shows the latest technolegy updates.
indeed very useful!
Good informative site
usefulle, informative, nice!
Excellent Informative Site.
DutchSpeedThu Jan 15 1970
Great informative site.
Safe informative site.
Tha_Matt_ManThu Jan 15 1970
Dutch website containing the latest technological news and updates. Tweakers also has the title "Website of the year 2009"

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93 / 100

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92 / 100