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matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Twitter owned domain for its images files
Necessary Component to View Twitter's Images
evilfantasySat Jan 17 1970
Owned by Twitter, Inc. Social networking and micro-blogging service using instant messaging, SMS or a web interface.
I have used this site and found the contents useful and informative.
Owned by Twitter, Inc.
Lots of scripts lock the navigator and the computer... It seems TOTALLY UNNECSSARY, and gives lots of problems: some scripts are so buggy they loop infinitely at several places.
This is a script server and does not have a sales page. Since there is no webpage, this site is not suitable for children.
This domain is owned and operated by Twitter so therefore can be trusted.
OK, So Twitter needs images. However, (just like every other social network) they don't need to be tracking us around the whole freakin' internet. For that reason I would only allow it as as XSS to Twitter itself. Beyond that I would leave it blocked almost all of the time- and then perhaps on a limited basis allow it on a temporary basis.

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