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Official site of the Holy See, official Vatican site, Holy See, Vatican, Vaticano, Santa Sede, Vatican, Saint-Siège, der Heilige Stuhl, Vatikan

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Safe website. Doesn't send email! Ergo: No spam!!!
They support pederasts!!!
AtrusRivenThu Jan 15 1970
Sehr informative Seite über Arbeit und Institutionen des Heiligen Stuhls.
Homepage des Heiligen Stuhls in Rom
This website is full of nonsense...
Vlado.OndasThu Jan 15 1970
very good, multilingual site
lifeisgoodThu Jan 15 1970
The official Homepage of the Vatican. The best source of information on catholic believe. Why not get the information from first source? News often write their own point of view.
Knowledge and understanding shared freely and with respect for humanity.
The Vatican Pope
Offizielle Seite des Vatikans mit vielen Informationen.

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89 / 100