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Although the website is sometimes uncertain to work for whatever reason, the Desktop Version works perfectly. This site is safe. I've used it many times and have used the desktop version also.
Installed toolbar and Norton started telling me about all these dll's that had been installed, the next thing everything crashes, CPU up to %100. Have just rebooted and my backup manager doesn't work anymore (first time I've had an error with it). Trying to remove the software installs and my computer crashes each time I try to uninstall it!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
I unchecked the "default install" button and then also unchecked the other sub check boxes. But installed unrequested software on my system anyway. A big mistake. It added a new toolbar (that I did NOT request) and immediately popped up windows trying to get me to install other video software. This is despite my careful attention to what option I picked during installation. It also tries to trick you during installation by a confusing "double negative" pair of radio buttons. The default radio button installs and changes your search engine, other things.
it doesn't work...
Worked fine for me!
It dosent works some times!!!!!!
I do not know how this site gets a green rating. Their software installs the Conduit toolbar without asking permission and installs different software, even after declined. I am still cleaning up the mess from this garbage program. Stay away from this.
oblivionzxThu Jan 15 1970
There have been many times where it didn't work and has a few tracking cookies.
thedarknesslover06Thu Jan 15 1970
No problems alot of people use the website so downloading dosent work the easy way to fix it is to download the vixy downloader which is guarranteed to work!
Serwis często nie działa.

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