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Thông tin nhanh & mới nhất được cập nhật hàng giờ. Tin tức Việt Nam & thế giới về xã hội, kinh doanh, pháp luật, khoa học, công nghệ, sức khoẻ, đời sống, văn hóa, rao vặt, tâm sự...

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it's a best news site of Vietnam, well rather slow updated but acceptable. Except you can find very much similar articles in or
minhchi1211Thu Jan 15 1970
this site got somethings that outsiders don't know about: 1- The Right of Info which is copied from other sites 2- Many many video clips that belong to Youtube or other sites, they upload here and said that's their vids. 3- Always get something to complain about things. E.G. Apple is not good or Avatar (2009) is just an idiot movie. 4- Damn slow update and then copy from somewhere else (or translate into Vietnamese) 5- Google search, no filter! Those things just say that this sites only want the page views and they don't care about the quality
what's the "suspicious file" ?
doan_anhthaiThu Jan 15 1970
sqrestrenoThu Jan 15 1970
It supports much infomation for difference users.
huynhphuchaiThu Jan 15 1970
Vietnamese daily e-newspaper. Very good site.
very google.
salamence316Thu Jan 15 1970
Trang báo với nhiều tin tức đáng chú ý được cập nhật thường xuyên tại Việt Nam
best daily breaking news website in Vietnam. It recently extended English version but the English content is relatively poor compared to its original site.
listed on alexa top 500 websites

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