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Site to store orders take forever to pick up. Gift wrapping option was a rip off too. They just threw it in a bag, and didn't even put the tag on right.
Compgeek789Thu Jan 15 1970
Walmart does not have half the stuff they do in their stores as on the website, which makes finding certain products I want difficult.
This is the official site of Wal-Mart.
3 Web Bugs (Tracking cookies)
skaskankerbrThu Jan 15 1970
tracking cookies from and
Does not accept returns for certain products (DTV converter) but doesn't state so before you buy.
Do not enjoy Wal-mart at all.
FrostyTheSnowManThu Jan 15 1970
Nice and well built online shopping and product information website.
rusty shacklefordThu Jan 15 1970
Google Seller ratings: Average rating 3.2 / 5 Based on 752 reviews Not that great.

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