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THERE ARE WARNINGS AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY...Dig deeper into the subject and make your own decision. Deception and shocking, painful irony is a sad reality of the world, so be careful! They speak of "human rights and values," "anti-drugs," etc etc...dig deeper! WIDELY PUBLISHED CLAIMS: that they tear newcomers from FAMILIES who are outsiders to Scientology, EXPLOIT YOU, forcing you nearly down to the last penny after making you pay for the books of their teachings, take schizophrenics and epileptics off meds (SOMETIMES FATALITIES)--their methods of DRUG REHAB ALSO are INEFFECTIVE, they pressure certain females to have abortions, NUMEROUS reports of SUICIDES within! etc, etc, etc... KNOWLEDGE IS FREE. RELIGION IS FREE. (A quote from the Scientology protestors.) Try these now before anything else:
This website is made from scientology.
Dangerous Cult
DandyDon2kThu Jan 15 1970
Scam and extortionist's posing as a religion. BEWARE!!!
morehate4uallThu Jan 15 1970
scam cult--------------------------
lola_doloresThu Jan 15 1970
i have given this site a poor rating because it is science fiction claiming to be fiction! dont tell me its a orange if its a apple. booo
pokemon_billyThu Jan 15 1970
They attempt to take your money and teach you useless crap.
They're dangerous, deceitful, hateful, and will cost you and your family your money, your ties, and your future.
Bad cults.
LOL XENU for REAL info visit

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