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machintrucWed Jan 14 1970
Fairly useful, but it's not safe to assume that Wikipedia's information should be considered reliable 100%.
Very useful information, just don't rely just on Wikipedia for information, because users can edit any page they wish.
Definitely a good place to gain general information, or to get you heading in any direction on any topic. The information can be very useful but I would recommend some skepticism, and take the time to verify some of the information. Poses a small threat to children if they search the wrong thing, but there is no adult graphic content as far as I have seen.
Very accurate source, updated instantly. Vandalism is rare and swiftly deleted.
Lots of great stuff... Good Research tool, use a regular encyclopedia if you have one though ;-)
gamer_dude8568Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site to view any kind of info.
Useful information for the less talked about subjects. Anything that's a hot subject you should completely avoid. Honestly why WOULD you look up Paris Hilton in an ENCYCLOPEDIA?!?
Saul_LuqueThu Jan 15 1970
Accurate,useful,and dependable place to find information you are looking for
generally good, but not 100% factul as anyone can edit the content or create pages.
Cipher ShortThu Jan 15 1970
It can be both great and bad since most of the time it has the information you been looking for, but at other times it can be a lie since anyone can edit it.

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