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Wikivoyage is now the most complete, up-to-date and reliable worldwide travel guide on the web. It was created out of the ashes of Wikitravel, which is now facing a slow and painful death to Indian spambots and the like. Wikivoyage is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, the same organisation which runs Wikipedia, which guarantees high quality information and pure intentions. There is absolutely no advertising. Wikivoyage is a great site for planning your next trip, while also printing off the guides and taking them with you while you're away! Can I also note that the comment below by "WorldTravelller" was written by an employee at Wikitravel who wishes to damage this site's reputation. There are absolutely no viruses.
Ein Wiki, welches sich langsam und gut entwickelt. Wird gut administriert. Interesting site. Une page bien faite.
Website owned by Wikimedia Foundation. è di proprietà o legato a Wikimedia Foundation
Main Wikivoyage site.
WorldTravelllerFri Jan 16 1970
Huge gross banner ads begging for "donations." The same content at the original site this was copied from, Wikitravel, at least has ads you can completely turn off. Plus: people actually use Wikitravel, unlike this sad clone.
This is a good Site, it is part of the Wikimedia network, but of course everything is not true, so make sure you check your key facts if you use the site for information, as anyone can edit a wiki!
SingaporeSlingFri Jan 16 1970
When this dubious site came online in January, I test-drove it. I found it to be little more than a re-branded "clone" of my beloved, but with two important distinctions: 1. Very, very rude and pompous administrators who delete comments at the drop of a hat if they do not jibe with their own point of view. 2. Hardly any contributor base (it seems to only he the admins who live on the site), meaning the information is not nearly as updated as Wikitravel, and is all from their rather parochial view of the universe. I'll not go there again.
evilfantasySat Jan 17 1970
Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free Internet encyclopedia that is supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Anyone who can access the site can edit almost any of its articles. As with any publicly edited and created content website you must use caution and verify anything you see as suspicious or untrue.

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