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Wondershare offers Video Software, PDF Tools, PC Utilities for Mac and Win users to convert & edit videos, photos or PDF files, make photo slideshow etc.

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forum spammer
Forum spam
sebsauvageThu Jan 15 1970
Violates the licence of ffmpeg. See:
ne respecte pas la licence ffmpeg
spams WOT...a lot.
This site does not deserve to be in the green; as it uses bot-based ads to travel amongst forums and spam their sites.
The site contains illegal software.
whiskers75Thu Jan 15 1970
Gave me a virus!
whiskers75Fri Jan 16 1970
Gave me a BSOD!
Any way , all the multimedia related products are good and standard . For an average end user , this is a good company ., but forum admins and moderators , may not like their marketing strategy :)

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