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I have been a member of WPMUDev for a year now. I am not sure how I survived in the wordpress world before joining. I am not a newbie, but I am not a tech geek either. Before joining wpmudev, when I had a serious wordpress issue - or stuck in any way, i just sat there for days spinning wheels, trying to find solutions. I had no technical people in my circle to run ideas by or benefit from their experience. As a member of WPMUDEV I have a full technical team of experienced wordpress users at my disposal. My questions and my issues are responded to within hours in most cases which is worth the money right there. They also provide over 250 plugins and 100's of themes that have been tested and all work together in unison, and someone on their team is familiar with everyone - If you are a wordpress developer/designer -- a wpmudev membership is worth double the low price they charge ---
ajaymaravindSat Jan 17 1970
I have been a with WPMUDev community for an year now. We run a wordpress only company and WPMUDEV is great hand for us. As a member of WPMUDEV I have a full technical team and whenever I hit an issue I could get the solution from their forum. My questions are valued by the forum members and so it makes us more interested to continue with them. Their plugins always make us secure and will solve most of our wordpress needs - from signup TOS to Multisite network. Join WPMUDEV, you have a team to back you! good resource for designer and developers. Lots of useful tools. A bit pricey but some may be able to justify the price.
WPMUDEV is one of the best sites out there. I purchased a three month membership to try it out and I will now be purchasing a year membership. It is well worth the money to have your fingers at everything WPMU has to offer. Then you combine there customer service with that and the site is hard to beat. I really enjoy the forums as well. I have learned so much from just reading what others are trying to do and how WPMU has helped them with there websites. I would recommend this site to my best friend and that is saying a lot cause I normally do not recommend anything to any one. WPMUDev has proven itself to do and be exactly what they say they are. The best wordpress theme and plugin site there is for the money. Thanks WPMU for all your help and guidance. You really are the best.
I have been testing WPMU DEV plugin and themes for almost a year before using them in a production environment and I am very pleased with the functionality, security, and support I have received. Ultimate Branding, Ultimate Facebook, Pro Sites, New Blog Templates (especially with multisite), Domain Mapping, Multi DB and the all important anti spam tools have been most useful to me. Ease of installation and lack of conflicts between various plugins is vital to me and with these particular plugins I have had no issues whatsoever. Any minor issues that have cropped up have been dealt with quickly by the support team who seem to be awake 24/7
Pete.WeachterSat Jan 17 1970
I highly recommend WPMU DEV, I am just starting out and they have excellent service and great value. I anticipate a long and prosperous partnership...
localbuzzsquadSat Jan 17 1970
Everyday I get pitched with offers to join the ultimate WordPress membership groups. Everyday new plugins are being offered online as the ultimate WordPress plugin and must have tool. The truth is for the last 12 months I have depended heavily on one resource online, WPMUDEV and their premium membership. Okay no one is perfect, after all we are talking about software development, coding and supporting the constant ongoing WordPress updates. BUT . . . WPMUDEV is really right up there to being perfect, its that game rating of 9.89, we don't give them a 9.99 or 10 because we want to push them to the edge and get them to deliver even more amazing plugins, lol. On the serious side, if you depend on WordPress as your website development platform for your own personal business or as a consultant to your clients, then WPMUDEV is the number one solution out there. Sure you can find all sorts of different individual membership programs that support WordPress and plugin development, but you will never ever find an all-in-one powerhouse like WPMUDEV. I have looked out there and I have to be upfront and say I can not recommend a single membership that delivers like WPMUDEV. Look, we depend on WordPress and Plugins to make our websites do magic for our clients and for our own personal business websites. The fact you have access to over 300 plus premium WordPress plugins with support from both the develops/staff at WPMUDEV and thousands of peers, is just unheard of these days. Unless you want to dish out a few thousand dollars a month to get the same level of development and support. The WPMUDEV team is there 24/7 and they also offer 7 days a week live support that starts at 6am right up to 8:30 pm. Everyday and each live session provides you with access to a top level support member and with one on one support in the various areas of development, plugin solutions and troubleshooting. You can speak with experts who will help with WordPress and Buddy Press issues, web design issues, plugins and coding, the list is huge. The deal is simple, why would you want to give money to a bunch of no name plugin developers who sell the latest trendy plugins, who use poor coding methods, that any good programmer would never put their name to the code. Then you get the hyped price and pressure sales pitch they throw at you. Oh yeah! we are not going to charge $595 or $495 or $295 . . . we are giving you this amazing piece of junk for $97. The truth is its not worth even $20 and a few month s down the line when WordPress updates its code the plugins all fail or mess up your website, worse, they mess up your client's website. There is ZERO hype from WPMUDEV, no sales pitch, no hyped up plugin offers and no let down. The plugins and themes work, if there is a problem they will go out of their way to fix it. If you have ideas to improve the plugin, tell them and if its something they can do they will. The bottom line for me is that I depend on the professional team at WPMUDEV. I depend on the support and the team spirit from all the peers who become like this amazing network of friends, I like to think of it as having a core team or family all over the world that is there to help when help is needed. Over the years WPMUDEV has stood it ground in providing quality plugins and support. They have a huge team of customers which means they are not going to suddenly vanish. The cost of being a member at WPMUDEV is priceless and if you are not part of the team, then you are really missing out on one of the world's most amazing WordPress plugin development / support memberships. Do I have a WPMUDEV tattoo on my rear end, not yet, but getting serious about it . . . lol
I am really grateful for the products and SUPPORT I get at WPMU DEV. I ask millions of questions and they are always positive, helpful, and get me the answer I need. It's truly a great and unique community of varying skill sets ready to help me make my dreams come true in the online world. I have never taken a programming or coding class but with the hands on support of WPMU DEV, I've been able to build wordpress sites with advanced functionality. It's a really awesome company.
daviddaviesSat Jan 17 1970
Definitely a quality site, awesome team too :)
Dawson.BarberSat Jan 17 1970
WPMU offers great value to anyone doing anything with WordPress. They have an awesome selection of plugins that are always kept up to date and offer multi site support, so they really go the extra mile to make sure their products are as universally usable as possible. I don't use their themes - I prefer to do my own - but they have a huge selection of these, too, so if you're looking for a nice theme for your WordPress site, WPMU is definitely worth checking out. And then there's their support. All I can say is that they are extremely quick to respond and always bend over backwards to help out. I highly recommend them.

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