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Award-winning hosted VoIP solutions from 8x8 deliver mobile, flexible, affordable, cloud-based communications, helping you serve customers anytime, anywhere.

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I called 8x8 on 6/15/2009 to cancel and got a cancellation number. I later saw a charge of $4.58 on 7/6/09. I contacted support and they said this charge is for sales tax and they confirmed this will be my last charge. Now I see another charge of $252.23 on 07/30/2009. Now i'm calling my bank since calling them doesn't seem to be doing anything. 8x8 trustworthiness is zero.
spamming is an unacceptable way to promote your business.
I'm a customer of Zerigo, and I've had some interaction with folks at 8x8 (the parent company of Zerigo) and they're a great company to work with, very attentive and keenly aware of what makes good customer service.
BlackWidow73Sat Jan 17 1970
I got this spam email. The links eventually lead to this site Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 From: "Business Phone System" <> Subject: Details on quality business phone systems Business Phone System Popular business phone systems and models Shop our selection of phone systems that will fit any size or type of business Preferences To unsubscribe click here Mail Team PO Box 10188 Dallas, TX 75266-0675

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