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The site appears in google's results when searching for almost any domain name, even if there is absolutely no information about the domain on the page!
Wiki based site with information on all the websites in the world. Source for information on websites
It contains information about most websites. HOWEVER, it links to many dangerous sites including Spy Sheriff.
Safe and Useful website
safe website
ThirteenthThu Jan 15 1970
A lot of info about different sites.
difrawi_defrawyThu Jan 15 1970
Should be rated Poor. Definitely unsafe. Packed with all sorts of malicious sites and scam sites, who are allowed to promote their scams unhindered. Scams even get full support..
Aliza EarnshawThu Jan 15 1970 is a great place for business owners and website owners to tell people more about their business and site -- things that can't be found on the website itself. It's in the top 1,500 sites in the world, so it's a great place to create a second web presence. And it's all free! is a wiki, and anyone can edit it. The staff is delighted to help anyone who would like help with the editing, and can make great suggestions. is monitored by real people, every day, around the clock. That helps keep spam off the site and makes it of high value.
Great website enabling people to look up information on a domain or company. In addition the nature of a wiki allowing anyone to edit and update a domain's page leads to honest and open evaluations of a company or website
Information about websites is often written by the site owners themselves, and critical information, even if written in a factual and unbiased manner, is not allowed. You may as well go to the site itself to find information about it. It's basically just a huge doorway page and advertising venue for every site on the internet.

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