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With support for anti-vaccination lobbyists and a page full of demonstrable falsehoods this site has poor ethical standards and is a clear and present danger to all children in the community.
ScienceMumFri Jan 16 1970
What a pity that a site supposedly to support pregnant women and mothers is actually giving them misinformation and lies. They are endangering child health by giving credence to an anti-vaccination group which has a public warning against them. Given the tone and advertising on the site, it seems they are more interested in making money from prospective parents than helping them. Jan 16 1970
Mostly a good store, until you get the their advice. Biased, dangerous and ill-informed comments fill their pages.
Whether or not they promote anti vaccination is irrelevant. It's a human right to be able to choose whether or not to vaccinate, and the internet after all is about freedom of information.
RationalAussieFri Jan 16 1970
This site promotes dangerous medical misinformation and quackery which puts children at risk of sickness or death. Best avoided.
outbackyakSat Jan 17 1970
What the people below don't seem to realise is the WOT is not just a tool for identifying which websites are distributing malware or spamming you. It's a tool for identifying how trustworthy the information on the site is - how much it can be relied on for accuracy, how well it is backed by evidence. And on that basis this website is a dismal fail, and thoroughly deserves its appalling rating. Objectively, the information about vaccination on the site is factually incorrect. Spectacularly so. Dangerously so. If people follow the advice of this website they are putting their children at real risk of dying from vaccine-preventable disease. And not just their own children - other people's children too - children who are too young to be vaccinated, or have immune disorders or have cancer. And no child deserves to die because some crappy parenting site spreads anti-vax propaganda. And where do they source their information from? Not from well-researched science and medicine sources, but from sites on the far end of the anti-vax lunatic fringe, from sites which have equally bad ratings for exactly the same reasons. Sites which lie and distort and disinform. That's why this site gets the big red circles - not because people are trying to censor the derp that is being spread here, but because people care about children's lives. And when they see BS being spread, they rate it down. Because the information isn't trustworthy. Web of Trust - got it?
Cowabunga123Fri Jan 16 1970
Sibby, wot is all about information. The information people need to know is that this site promotes known lies and falsehoods. Yes they are allowed to do that, and people are allowed to rate the site accordingly. Freedom of speech goes both ways.
Sepp HasslbergerFri Jan 16 1970
God forbid that a site should promote an anti-vaccine point of view. They must be real baaaaaaad!!! Have you people here who comment saying these things ever stopped to pause and question your faith in "modern" medicine? Don't you read of the scandals of pharma, the false studies later retracted, the drugs approved with fraudulent research, the objective evidence that a nerve poison (you can also call it a neurotoxin) is injected into the bodies of small infants, with somewhat predictable disastrous consequences. What's wrong with you people???
This sites publishes a lot of interesting and well-informed articles. For instance, today, a very helpful article on brain development during the end of pregnancy, that is an important issue. I think red ratings are way overrated ; it's sad they show on every article and not the ones people are considering misinformed ( vaccines are controversial, get over it). Please adjust your rating to the whole site. Ratings about hate or discrimination are just irrelevant :/
tranquilfiendFri Jan 16 1970
The public should NOT be kept in the dark about the risks, which are known and recognized by bodies such as the FDA and scientists around the world. Also, is there any reason why the causes of autism are not studied beyond genetic studies? Why not research vaccines and medicines and environmental factors and substances for possible causes? Something to hide? Sadly, my little girl was one of the many unlucky ones and she did develop epilepsy, just as the FDA warned was likely. And really, formalin as a binding? That is KNOWN to excaserbate any illnesses and lead to fatalities. Any reason why it's an ingredient in vaccines?

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