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Spammed comments to a popular Canadian blog.
What Sarcastik1 has said about the site is basically true. It's free, so you get what you pay for. The explanation for the low rating, for me, is that it's being overrun buy right-wing, conservative, nut-jobs. Every time I go to the site there's an overwhelming amount of left-hating blogs that are written by self-righteous, ignorant, homophobic, hypocrites. Most other sites have a way of blocking offending posts which make them invisible to you. This one doesn't have that ability, so it makes it very undesirable to visit, for me. I know many people that have left the site for this reason, including myself.
sarcastik1Fri Jan 16 1970
It's a blog site, it doesn't spam anyone regardless of spamfighter666's ignorance based comments. Users of the site may spam, but are dealt with promptly when reported. Safe to use since javascript and other potentially harmful items can not be posted, any attempt to do so is stripped out. Decent privacy controls, content can be posted by users allowing access by the entire internet, by members of the site only, or only to contacts on the site only. It's old and buggy, occasionally crashes completely (sometimes for hours) but it's not hideous. It's free, and you get what you for I've no explanation for the piss-poor rating numbers displayed here other than general ratings douchebaggery and plain old ignorance. The site is better and safer than the numbers here would indicate.
Larry.HainesSat Jan 17 1970
The site is full of right-wing/conservative biased blogs. Seems like every right-wing nut from the internet is on the site. Take this into account if you blog there.
discrimination towards gays, no freedom of speech, whoever they don't like, they ban him through that moderator rica from Phil. There is no legal moderation, they have given admin control to some members that know all the ip's and are not to be trusted. This site should get closed down.

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