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Big-John39Thu Jan 15 1970
CampingWorld is the best place to shop and the best site for all RV needs. I have been a CampingWorld Customer for 5 years and never have they done anything wrong, they always put the Customer FIRST!
Camping World is not a fly-by-night operation. The web site and thier business are reputable.
RebeccaBaldwinFri Jan 16 1970
Cater to car campers and family camping...RV's as well. If you are in to that then this is the place. Great site.
good site for camping supplies
This site is great. Lots of inventory to pick from and you can find almost anything you would be looking for on this site for camping/RVing. I use this site all the time!
SpatulameterFri Jan 16 1970
For those that drive Madden Mobiles @ $500k or more. Camping world is virtually useless to me. There 'Internet Sale' prices are a joke. Easily 10% to 20% more expensive then the higher priced places out there out there! Easily prooven out by doing some google product and price searches. And yes, I have simply gone to CW and looked at their prices outside of other tools, etc. I am looking at MaxxFan air vents and CW is easily $100 more for the same products. $180 to $240 v/s $250 to $340. Ridiculous! I have had way better luck with product and prices at: PPL Motors Home and Adventur RV just to name a few. I shops those first and price match with Amazon if they will. Best Materials and RV Parts warehouse, if I recall correctly are excellent for many things as well!
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