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A Jihad on celebrities! A Jihad on Hollywood! Explosive celebrity gossip blog. Praise Allah!

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FuzzywhizzFri Jan 16 1970
This website is full of racists and xenophobes. It preaches prejudice, discrimination and intolerance against faiths other than islam. Avoid this site as it is full of spam and prejudiced homophobes. It also has an alarming degree of threats of violence, abuse, murder etc. Children must not be allowed to view any content on this website due to the foul-mouthed people running this site and I would recommend strict legal action against this site and others of its kind. This is a very formidable threat to peace.
Avira blocked malware from downloading.
Malware site, don't enter.
MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970
Warning Contains Malware
Racism and inciting hate. Questionable intent.
I don't see the website but the name is so strange, he sound like the terrorists !!!!!
After downloading some .jpg files, my web browser advised me not to open them becaue they were .exe files. This seems kind of weird to me.
ISIS website ! muslim terrorist website filled with fake picture/video
StudentofHistory5Sun Jan 18 1970
I accidentally encountered this site. It is full of hate and disgusting images. This site is highly inappropriate and dangerous to those traveling the internet. This site should be taken down and removed from the web, or at best reported for hate speech, and lewdness
andrias.yoseSun Jan 18 1970
soft porn; not for children; not suitable for religious fanatics/extremists

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