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Google Chrome Extensions is dedicated to listing all the latest Addons and Extensions to spice up your web browsing experience with the Chrome browser.

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a well site about chrome extensions.
FrothyBeerManThu Jan 15 1970
Couldn't do without this site.
Divine RadianceThu Jan 15 1970
out-dated extensions
Skelly1983Fri Jan 16 1970
excellent site
It provides Google extensions
romainrousseauFri Jan 16 1970
Great site for the best extensions on chrome!
it;s actually better than google's official extension website :/
Rather than just providing a Chrome extension to download and install, it forced me to download a "download manager". That then self-extracted an installer for dealply, which I do not want and which rates badly on WOT. (It also set off my antivirus.)

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