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AnonymizedThu Jan 15 1970
USA-based consumer product reviews that are commercially unbiased. Publishers accept no advertising, product samples, or other influence from product manufacturers or others. Ratings are based on subjectively-chosen weighting criteria for various product attributes which may or may not align with your own personal preferences. Review the descriptions of rating methodologies to ascertain how well the ratings will suit your needs. Ratings typically represent mainstream consumer preferences well, but for certain items more comprehensive information from other sources should be considered as well (e.g. high-performance vehicles, wines, beers, or any other item where you may have specialized preferences).
Good for investigating consumer products. Take with a grain of salt, as they research very few items in some categories.
Good information. All available without charge to subscribers of CR.
Absolutely outstanding site. I use this site every time I'm ready to buy anything from laundry detergent to transportation. This should be in everyone's bookmarks. One of my top five favorites because it not only does the research and ratings of items but it invites consumer comments which makes it very consumer friendly.
Unbiased reviews.
The best site for all around health and healthcare.
david ehrmanThu Jan 15 1970 is a safe, excellent site.
Silverfoxy616Thu Jan 15 1970
Like the information, have to pay though, but it is usually right on target about the items it surveys.
hollyrobbins75Thu Jan 15 1970
I live and die by this site and it's magazine! I will never get ripped off again!
This claims to be a non profit organization, but it's terms and conditions sound like a fraud. They can charge you money anytime, content in the website copyrighted.

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