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ranchmesterThu Jan 15 1970
Another fake site that leads to
Provides not useful information. Site is 90% ads, and inquiries redirect to other commercial sites.
Fake. Go to for real info from VA DMV.
Glad I saw these comments before submitting anything.
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chinese manFri Jan 16 1970
It specifically says at the top of the page that it is a PRIVATELY OWNED WEBSITE, and NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY ANY STATE OR GOVERNMENT.
Despite this being a .org, it is NOT A TRUE MOTOR VEHICLE SITE FOR ANY STATE. While it may have some facts correct about your state's law/s, I don't trust it because it also directs one to suspicious sites for their own profit. Better to go to your actual state page to be 100% sure that the data is correct.
Listed on's top 500 websites list (by traffic).
simcityfan4684Sun Jan 18 1970
While not the real DMV has plenty of ads to websites that are sponsored by them that are suspicious.
It's a good breakdown of vehicle laws and regulations. Just remember, this isn't the actual DMV site. Some of the information might be outdated.

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