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deathswalkSat Jan 17 1970
I got a message in my inbox saying that someone "saw your profile on Google plus. I am working on a Google reader project" I suspect that this site is in no way associated with Google. I don't like the way that they are trying to get new people to sign up for their website.
northwatuppaSat Jan 17 1970
I signed up for this site thinking that it sounded and looked like an acceptable substitute for the late lamented Google Reader. Let me just say that, short of maddening popups and other super annoying, nagging methods, this site uses aggressive techniques to insure your repeated return to their website. Bulky daily newsletters are opt-out - after you start receiving them. All you have to do is register and you are automatically subscribed. "You are receiving this newsletter because you registered at Feedspot." I could stop receiving updates - I think. I did not stick around long enough to find out. Future emails from feedspot are going into my SPAM folder. The site seems carefully engineered to make you sign up for the maximum number of rss subscriptions. You have to subscribe to a minimum of three to register successfully and they keep pushing more onto you. The Site pushes a premium service. No easy, obvious way to unsubscribe to a feed once subscribed - none that I could find, and I looked. Annoying and persistent recommendation widget always pushing you to subscribe to new feeds. I could find no easy way to control or navigate my subscriptions - it was all or nothing all the time once I was subscribed. It was like a big uninvited information dump. I subscribed to the NYTimes, which just tossed every single NYTimes headline into my feed. No way to fine tune to receive only OPED feed, for example. No way to delete the account. I had to revoke permission in my Google security settings. Links in the massive daily newsletters lead you back to feedspot instead of the original site, which I find annoying. I did not find this website comfortable and convenient. I felt that I was on a site purposely designed to mazimize page visits, attract clicks and rack up ad revenue at the expense of the user. For all the world, this reminds me of those conspicuously inferior and clumsy online video streaming functions routinely programmed into Bluray players. Unless you are an absolute glutton for information, stay away. It's just a gigantic click magnet, or content farms, or some variation thereof.
I am receiving massive spam from this site, they advertise that is a google reader alternative. STAY AWAY. they just harvest your and your friends email addresses!
if you do the mistake to register, you will receive spam from a loser called Anuj , plus there is NO option to delete your account!
A good site to get news from all around the world and much more on the site I trust the site.
andfaulknerSat Jan 17 1970
Spammers. I received several messages from them in my gmail inbox despite reporting spam and attempting to unsubscribe (having not subscribed to begin with) the first 3 times. I was only able to block them by making a custom filter. Their claims are sketchy and misleading. The email comes across like it's attempting to imply it's been sent from Google itself. I'm almost certain naming a service "Google Inside Search" is trademark violation, especially when it's presented as if Google is providing inside information to its most savvy customers. The website itself is pushy - upon loading the first page it immediately displays a pop-up asking for account information and to sign up, otherwise it stays in view, apparently to irritate users into giving away personal information so they have more avenues with which to spam you. From what I saw through the pop-up, the articles it shows don't fulfil the promise of "all your news about Google Search in one place" - the topics are only tangentially related to deepening understanding of Google Search. Also, there aren't very many articles, and their update schedule puts it far, far away from the realm of news. At best, it's a blog where some guy posts whatever he's thinking about so long as he can somehow link it back to searching for things with Google. My opinion may be biased because of their constant spamming and hard selling techniques it employs, but honestly, those 2 things on their own are reason enough to avoid.
imratingitSat Jan 17 1970
Spammer Spammer Spammer Spammer
Stay away. Sends spam, writing bullshit as if they operate on behalf of Google: ---------------------------------------------------- <your name>, Google Operating System has invited you to follow their Feedspot Page . Google Operating System - News and tips about Google. A blog that watches Google's latest developments and the attempts to move your operating system online.  ---------------------------------------------------- Good site would not do such a thing.
I received an invite from a work colleague saying they want to connect with me on So I signed up, added a few sites and even signed up for the Gold Account. Shortly after that i received emails on two separate email accounts that i use for business purposes only, they are completely private, asking me to sign up for claiming I had sent the invitations. In no way did i give consent, and in no way did i provide either of the two email addresses to I instantly deactivated my account. I also informed my colleague and she says she never even invited me. So obviously is somehow spying, illegally, for users information and linking to any users related, stealing their information.

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