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This is a software developers tools and tips page and doesn't host malware. It's for C++ Windows programmers.
SquallLionheartThu Jan 15 1970
The site is fine. The EBCDIC-ASCII table is fine. Not sure why this site got a bad reputation. The information on this site was useful for me.
This site contains absolutely invaluable advice for the visual c++/MFC programmer, especially the parts concerning multithreading. I'm glad it's still around, with Microsoft going to .net c# and getting away from visual c++/MFC
thedailycommuteThu Jan 15 1970
No idea why anybody would rate this site as anything other than useful, it contains a wealth of code and programming information.
jmnewcomerThu Jan 15 1970
I am the owner of this site. Sadly, for the dweeb who has the inflated ego and calls himself "tha_specializt", his comment reflects his total ignorance of both MFC and Windows. For example, he refers to a "modal window class", a concept WHICH DOES NOT EXIST. He states that something is "impossible" when I use it all the time. And he even suggests that the author of the book "Win32 Programming", who taught courses in the Windows API for seven years, and has been a Microsoft MVP in the C++/MFC area for sixteen consecutive years, knows nothing about the Windows API. I would take the time to explain why he is technically incorrect, but I'm afraid that someone who understands so little about MFC or Windows could not understand my answer. The other post, that suggests I have malicious content and viruses, is based on no information at all, just repeating a set of lies. The MacAfee Site Advisor indicates that my site is virus-free.
This is the best site for learning MFC on the net, I have picked up loads of tips and tricks from there, and it also improved my coding style a lot
marius.bancilaThu Jan 15 1970
Great site for software developers. I can't understand the bad rating it has so far.
kredytwusa.comFri Jan 16 1970
Great info.
Be aware of using. Listed on:
Nützliche Informationen über Programmierung, insbesondere über die WinAPI.

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