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Lorsque l'on veut se servir de se site, le système envoi un message d'alerte : "Un script provenant de « Applied Linguistics LLC » demande des fonctionnalités avancées qui sont NON SÛRES et susceptibles d'être utilisées pour compromettre votre machine ou vos données : Exécuter ou installer des logiciels sur votre machine"
Mock assessment of text stating it found problems without showing or explaining them - looks like a scam - especially with credit card details required before free trial. Bad reviews of the software's performance elsewhere.
paulfriedman7Fri Jan 16 1970
My system caught web site trying to install malware "A script from "Applied Linguistics LLC" is requesting enhanced abilities that are UNSAFE and could be used to compromise your machine or data"
Don't know what people talk here about malware and others nasty things. I can tell as a usual user of their software and a customer. It is really great service with strong and useful algorithms for grammar errors checking and correction. I don't know an analog. I have only positive experience working with them and can say only: "Thank you guys, for creating this service!"
They have taken actions to protect identity and privacy
nnaatthhaannx2Fri Jan 16 1970
Note that this site IS NOT ACTUALLY FREE. It will scan your paper, but then you must pay for it to show you the issues.
angelg5159Fri Jan 16 1970
Very useful site.
Calvin WarbySat Jan 17 1970
Does not do what it claims to do.  It misses things it should catch and says things are not correct that really are.  Not worth the time.
So, Grammarly as a company and a website has no doubt as to being legitimate. It has won major tech awards and been reviewed by major publications. Whether or not one finds the product worth the arguably pricey package plans is not really the point here -- nor is the fact that their transparent and clear language in privacy policy that they collect non-identifiable information from the services the same as nefarious tracking. It is consistent with every other extension, add-in, online/freemium/cloud product/platform. I personally find the premium service worthwhile, it seems they're pricing for enterprise/education rather than for individuals but I guess that's they're call. There are free and comparable versions of this product, such as AftD (after the deadline).
I have been using the free version for a few weeks now and love it. I am seriously considering paying for the full subscriptions.

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