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Ken Rockwell is an honest expert with decades of experience as a professional photographer. The website's income comes from reader donations and the use by readers of links off the site. So making Rockwell free of any influence by suppliers or manufacturers. The equipment reviewed is bought by Rockwell with his own money or loaned to him by friends---never loaned by suppliers nor manufacturers.
weskendrickThu Jan 15 1970
brilliant resource for camera needs. In depth reviews and details on new as well as old equipment.
the best nikon guru...
Not suitable for children or those just getting into photography, as they might be mislead by the author's often non-serious claims. From the first line of his about page: "This a work of fiction, entirely the product of my own imagination. Also, KR makes a massive profit from the site--he states it is his only source of income, which would only make sense if he is not also a professional photographer. While he fully intends you to believe that he is, you will shortly pick up on the many incongruities in his statements on that. However, even those experianced in the craft of photography may full victim if not wary due to the sheer volume of deliberate falsehoods exibited on all manner of things--some obvious, others less so. It mislead me for several months as I was just getting into photography--hook, line, and sinker. Also note the complete disreagard for FTC regulations, including lack of disclosure on the various paid endorsements he features, as well as product reviews leaning toward purchasing the product. Or not, depending on where you read it, as the site has a massive array of contradictions.
Kanishka DilshanThu Jan 15 1970
Very informative site. Contains very very useful articles on photography!
Une mine d'or et une encyclopédie Nikon (objectifs, boîtiers, etc ...). Bravo et merci à l'auteur pour sa passion et son travail.
A very biased ill-mannered "pro"
annettep38Fri Jan 16 1970
you may or may not agree with him, but his opinionated, constantly updated and well researched articles are always worth reading! it is my favourite second opinion! Some of his general comments are also very humorous, enlightened or simply make you think twice. A must if you are into Nikon.
Provides excellent advice on Nikon camera equipment

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