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thatstoobadThu Jan 15 1970
There are no viruses or pop-ups (if you have Firefox Ad-block Plus). Only concern is that it's illegal and when roaming through the site or looking through manga, an "Error: DB-888" is frequent.
MagicLlamaThu Jan 15 1970
Generally a good site, although many older manga can have messed up orders or broken links
I like it
Love the site great for Manga especially now that onemanga has no more Manga One complaint sometimes at 1 A.M 503 service unavailable which means website not working right now. It gets annoying
DeathBoy619Fri Jan 16 1970
There is adult content!
RyjoboginsThu Jan 15 1970
Strona prowadzona w miarę bezpiecznie. Nie mam do niej żadnych zastrzeżeń.
codename47trFri Jan 16 1970
Very nice site, browsing for 2 yrs without a problem
Although the viewer gets notified about the content that he/she is about to view, this website contains adult content which is not appropriate for children.
really nice website with great up to date manga

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