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MetroPCS provides No Contract Cell Phones and Low-Rate Prepaid Plans with Unlimited Talk, Text and Web on Android Phones, 4G LTE network and much more

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Well, i've been trying to talk to a customer service rep & their automated voice response makes it impossible. Tried to pay my bill online & says my metro number is not valid. My phone works & they bill me but... If you pay at the store w/ credit card there's a fee. Signed up for $40 plan and get a bill for $45 on the first day. Scammers, liars, cheats. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skulldriver21Thu Jan 15 1970
Metro Pcs is not to good on stuff. One reason is i tried to change my phone number and the represenitive changed it twice. one time change was $5.00 but instead they charged me $10.00 so my bill went from $40.00 to $50.00 then they charged me an extra 5 dollars then it was $55.00 then i got charged another $10.00 and my final bill was $60.00 i wasnt to happy with that.
Impossible to order phones online. Tried 3 times. Each time it said use another card. I have excellent credit and my 2 credit cards said authorizations went through and had not declined. Hours of calls to MetroPCS csr. svce and my cards produced nothing but anger. Prices for phones in authorized stores substantially more than online. NEVER BECAME A CUSTOMER BECAUSE OF THIS EXPERIENCE.
Same thing happen to Me I got a new phone from the local Metropcs I pay $99.00 for the phone and have a $55.00 a mouth phone bill when I when into the store to pay my bill I was told that It will be $58.00 , cause of the CONVENIENCE FEE ? WHAT!!! and then I was told I can pay on line at the and not have to pay the convenience fee come I have to pay $3.00 just to pay at the store this Suck !!! Also the online payment site look like it just more of a problem I don't know what I am going to do.
Steve WoodardThu Jan 15 1970
I love Metro PCS because they have great prices and they even let you transfer your existing phone from another carrier to them. Example: If you have verizon Wireless or att you can take those phones and have them flashed over to them for only $40-$45 great deal.
Gintama AngelFri Jan 16 1970
I don't know why people are complaining about bad customer experience here. This is not about it, rate the site itself! The site is safe though.
multimasterySat Jan 17 1970
MetroPCS is a good deal with affordable prices. However, some of their phones & battery life suck bigtime depending on which product you buy. It's kinda hit or miss.

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