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myfatfelix88Thu Jan 15 1970
Huge disappointment. Do not order from them-- all the "images" of their products are stolen images and the stuff they send you when you order is extremely poor quality and is NOTHING like the product shown. The people that run the website are also known for sending out spam, so be forewarned! You will not get your money's worth and they are very hard to deal with, terrible customer service.
not very trustworthy, be carefully.
Spamvertized on Yahoo!answers. Very dubious. Has some fake brand items.
There are many reports of the items from Milanoo not being like the picture and often times, completely horrible and their costumer service is just awful.
aznbabygirl06Fri Jan 16 1970
I tried ordering a Wedding Dress on this site because the price listed was only $15.99 - I should have known it was too good to be true. I checked back a couple days later and the price was 153.99 - a huge difference! Then, they cancelled my order without even telling me! Don't buy from here - they do some sketchy business...
Within the lolita community, 'Milanoo' is a dirty word. Milanoo is one of those nightmare companies that looks nice on the surface but is one of the worst shopping mistakes you can make. You would be better off with no lolita dress than a dress from Milanoo. Dresses from Milanoo are completely unwearable. To start with, every image on their site is stolen from other lolita brands, mostly the ones hosted in Japan. They have the nerve to watermark the stolen images and claim them as their own. The poor souls that don't know any better and order one of those dresses (which look stunning in photos) from Milanoo is sent a dress that is of very poor costume quality and doesn't even slightly resemble what they ordered, if they even receive what they paid for at all. The stitching will often be cheap and with bad thread, the fabric will be satin or some other cheap, costume fabric, the dress will not be lined or fit properly and if it is even the right length, it would be a miracle. Should the customer dare to complain, they'll either be ignored completely or lashed out at and verbally abused. The company is constantly creating bots to promote itself within the lolita community. When those fail, it isn't uncommon for a person from Milanoo to begin making trolling posts in lolita forums where the company is highly and openly spoken negatively of. Stay away from Milanoo. Shop anywhere else, you'll be glad you did.
xanthrebornFri Jan 16 1970
The product images on this website are stolen from other companies. What Milanoo actually does is create garbage quality fake knock-offs of the original product which may not even resemble the original. There are also many reports of people having to wait months to receive their product, not receiving it at all, and not receiving any refund for their purchase. Don't buy from them.
evil-bunnyThu Jan 15 1970
contained a link to web-bug to a known "bad site" -->
VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. My story: -- Company is located in China. I ordered 6 pairs of shoes. It took 60 days (really) from order to items to arrive. The problems with the shoes were many: the leather smelled weird and heavy, soles of the foot were wrinkled, there were glue spots on the sole, color was not as pictured in their web site; especially the "luxury" gold colored shoes appeared brighter in pictures, but were much darker and not appealing in real. The shipping costs from China were very high, about ~20% of the total price. The customer service couldn't really offer real, practical help to solve issues in time. When asked, the Live Chat operators said they didn't have direct phone numbers available to them to call at Milanoo internal departments to get things moving. All the Live Chat people seem to do is to forward emails to "Departments which are responsible for xxx and yyy". Very bureaucratic. If you don't respond to Milanoo's emails every 6 days, you receive a message saying that the case will be closed in 24h unless a new contact is made. If you happen to have the stamina to ask for a RMA, to take pictures (they seem to expect it), write a 10 pages PDF document with all the defects described, package and ship all back to them...good luck. Expect very hard times to take your return case treated in due time. Their Live Chat person even told that processing time for a RMA might take 1-3 months. Read that sentence again. My case took 3 months from order to RMA and refund. Without a help of a native chinese friend to press the case I believe I wouldn't have got *any* chance of getting my money back.
YourMomIsHotFri Jan 16 1970
Don't buy ANYTHING from this site! They have terrible customer service and they have their employees give themselves good reviews and they also delete any negative comments! I ordered something from here and I never got it in the mail. I tried contacting them multiple times but they totally scammed me!!

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