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matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Buying domain with namecheap. When my transaction fail somehow, they re-fund my money and the support staff is helpfull on this issue.
Sample of the thousands of similar looking/clones/ typo squatted domain names registered through it`s WhoisGuard whois privacy protection by criminals`s suporting Their abuse team has no excuse in not shuting down these domain names which are used for online fraud and are promoted in order to avoid spam filters by botnet spam operations perpetrated by some of the worst spammers and phishers conected with affiliations like and Which legal business needs so many domain names...?: ... ... ... ... and so on ... User the2ndflood was right even though his comment is disregarded. Thanks NameCheap for hiding criminals and for polluting the internet. The same for ENOM, INC.
the2ndfloodThu Jan 15 1970
I Have Reported Countless Spam Emails Coming From Sites That Hosts And/Or Are Their Domain Holder, And They Have Done ((NOTHING)) To Those Spammers. They Either Just Ignore The Reports, Or Close The Trouble Tickets Without Even Trying To Take Any Action. Companies Like That Allow Spammers To Spam; Are Just As Bad As The Spammers They Allow'.
garrettw87Thu Jan 15 1970
I have never used GoDaddy and I doubt I ever will. Namecheap has such a great site and service that I have no reason to go elsewhere.
I just love using namecheap, just for the fact that they make it easier to buy domains in regards to other registrars who try their best to sell something else to you
Bester Domainregistrar, schnelle Abwicklung netter Support
tempat register domain
The best domain registrar.
Excellent domain registrar. The ordering process is quick and easy and the support staff are very helpful.
RussellB28Thu Jan 15 1970
bought around 20 domains with, the service is excellent and the pricing is adequete. The ordering process is quick and easy and the control panels are easy to use

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