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Disagreement with moderators will result in an immediate, permanent ban. Also, you may be banned at random if your account was created recently, if you express dislike for Sony products (some users have claimed to be paid advertisers for the company in the past), or if you express the "wrong" political views. The moderation is also inconsistent; jokes about rape and pedophilia are allowed to remain on the forums, while dissent is not.
omegasupremeThu Jan 15 1970
Good site. For the most part the community is mature and well informed. But there are some fan boys who will insult you if you don't agree with them.
This site is owned by a self confessed misogynist and sexual harasser. Harbours conversations about the benefits of paedophilia and considers it "normal behaviour". Post many questionable self-taken pictures of extras from Lord of the Rings.
StoffinatorThu Jan 15 1970
Good site. But some of its members can be miss informed. ;-]
Site is safe. Forums are poo though.
concerned_teacherSat Jan 17 1970
Dangerous to children. Rampant threads about pedophilia, analingus, and other forms of deviant sexual behavior. Entirely unsuitable for a site that allows children as young as 13 to register. "Anonymous confessions" threads detail accounts of active pedophiles on the website. Many users sport inappropriate -- but "stylized" -- avatars of sexualized minors. Tyler Malka sells private information of his users to the highest bidder, and NeoGAF's ToS say he is allowed to do so. NeoGAF also features innumerable amounts of shilling and astroturfing by corporate interests. Objectively terrible moderation does not allow any dissent beyond extreme left political and social views. Sketchy ad system is historically responsible for malware infections of users.
Any disagreement with the mods will result in a ban. Even a neutral comment during a video game discussion will result in a ban if the mods don't agree with your point of view. What a trash pit.
chriscworkilFri Jan 16 1970
Very informative, quick on the ball, mods are active. Community can get a little spirited at times, but there are few better moderated videogame forums.
great site
Probably the best gaming forum on the web.

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