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National Security Agency/Central Security Service Public Information

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I have doubts as to how much privacy you can get from the website of an agency that has been revealed to have essentially sucked a bunch of people's e-mails into a big database...
Rumble FishFri Jan 16 1970
Ideals of Hitler and Stalin live in the heart of this agency.
carter1234Fri Jan 16 1970
Why don't they really tell us what they are doing,
Spies on law-abiding citizens in direct contravention of the Bill of Rights.
LandRiders7thFri Jan 16 1970
Never trust these guys for spying on us threw social networks and phone calls [>.>]
Organization which surveilance and monitoring the internettraffic/telephone calls of the whole world. Antidemocratic organization. In Germany we call it Neostasi
Jack.WhiteSat Jan 17 1970
The NSA claim to be defending the country or whatever, but really they're just spying on us because the government is power hungry, greedy, and paranoid.
Spying and corrupt agency serving an even more corrupt government.

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