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7 years ago
A mixed bunch of conspira-nonsense and religio-babble. Some jems include -Maximilian and Carlota were installed as Emperor and Empress of Mexico with a grandiose plan of becoming rulers of the entire New World should the South win the Civil War!! -Wallis Simpson was a MAN! -various non British people being named 'BRITISH SPIES" (most notible of these being Hitler) Yeah, this site is a load of nonsense!
9 years ago
This is a peculiar site. Its fundamentalist in tone, but is much more original than you might expect. They aren't shy about using God's name on this site. But oddly, this site asserts that the earth does not rotate, but is stationary. Hell is placed at the center of "stationary earth" (which they place great significance upon), although fire doesn't have any effect upon spirits according to Judges 13:21. They claim the moon landing was a hoax, that Adolf Hitler survived until 1962 and worked with M16, and, of course, that the holocaust was a hoax, and that the Jews of today aren't the Jews of Bible times. This is one idea that was entirely new to me: "The 2 deadliest books in the entire history of the world are the Latin Vulgate Version and the unholy Koran. The spirit that inspired both books came from Satan via Egypt... The Latin Vulgate was the forerunner of the unholy Koran. The Vulgate changed JEHOVAH to Dominus, Elohim to Deus, and Joshua to Jesus. The unholy Koran eliminated JEHOVAH and Elohim completely, and changed Joshua to Isa." Needless to say, the Koran is exceedingly antitrinitarian, refers to events found in apocryphal infancy gospels, and rejects the death of Christ. The Vulgate doesn't even imply these things (among other differences), although it certainly has its own deficiencies to compensate. To the site owner's definite credit, the Koran claims that Pharoh's baker was hung on a cross (Compare Gen 40:19 with Surah 12:41) and they identify the word "cross" as coming from the Vulgate. I think that's certainly food for thought. On the other hand, they criticize Jerome for adding "J" to Iesus, when he only latinized the "I" to "J", as was the case with "Jehovah", or any other use of "J" in the Bible, including Joshua. This site contains a great deal that is very well researched and thought out, and a great deal that is absurd and not very well thought out. The tone is largely concerned with facts rather than emotion, although the facts are occasionally dubious or misinterpreted. There are no explicit images, or any viruses.

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