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The domain, registered through CSL COMPUTER SERVICE is listed on at least two SPAM blacklists as of today. This does not necessarily indicate that they are guilty of sending SPAM, merely that the server that their IP address is associated to was confirmed by at least 2 sources to be a gateway for SPAM. This leads us to recommend caution on this server as it is possible that if it is compromised for SPAM, other data could be compromised.
From: Overstocked Auctions <> To: xxx Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 12:13 PM Subject: iPads, MacBooks, & more up to 90% Off Input URL: Effective URL: Responding IP:
malicious domains hitting spamtraps JSS list was found on May 13th, 2012 on the URIBL (URI based Blacklist service) for possible SPAM and/or Malware violations.
CutSnake88Sat Jan 17 1970
Another spam sewer. Hosting spammers who claim I've signed up for their lists and need to "activate my account". What a crock. Block this host, if you can.
Received 5 msgs with the subject "Test Stateless Blast X " from "Rob Williams <>". I have no dealings with them. The body included a number of uniquely stamped img paths, no doubt for tracking purposes.
spamplatform for hire sending out non-COI compliant spam for some sort of "deals" site to addresses that did not subscribe to, much less confirm that alleged subscription.
Spam message: "CONFIRM $500 CASH | You Did it!". Message header: (EHLO ( Via Peer 1 Network.
seancockrell@yahoo.comSat Jan 17 1970
Very positive experience for those interested in digital marketing software.

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