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Only chocolate letter news, useless for a serious news junkie
This newspaper called the 9 year old boy who survived the air crash in Tripoli. Telegraaf disrespected urgent and very clear family wishes to be left alone, not to be called and not to be stalked. Besides that, media attention and strangers asking questions damages traumatized children. Unacceptable. This newspaper also ripped off private pictures and conversations from the internet to publish it.
Site is somethimes hate-crime related against Christians of the Roman Catholic faith. Manny complaints about this has been ignored by the moderators of this site.
timkraaijvangerFri Jan 16 1970
Not very reliable & a lot of useless showbiz news. Also: many ads.
Irritating pop ups
Dutch MountainFri Jan 16 1970
Site of most read newspaper in NL, News blown up to sensation like "Bild" does in Germany. Not very reliable, except the financial att. on Saturday.
This newspaper can't be trusted! Most of the news is not true!
alleen maar chocolade letter koppen
JanHenricusFri Jan 16 1970
Many iritating pop ups. If you are interested in news, than you can better look for another site. Most of what they call news is not true.
Perhaps good entertaining, but not more than that.

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