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Thrillist is a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand, providing all that's new, unknown or under-appreciated in food, drink, entertainment, nightlife, gadgets, and gear in the U.S. and the U.K. Find the best spots to eat, drink and shop at some of the hippest stores across America. Explore the newest and best the Nation is hiding.

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A popup to log in with an account is a bit disconcerting. Luckily, there is a work around.
dwebb5@hotmail.comFri Jan 16 1970
Did not remove me from mailing list after repeated requests.
crusher2010Fri Jan 16 1970
Possible links to nudity, alcohol, or other offensive material.
Caution for young children; site has a section titled "Sex and Dating". Looks like a good site overall.
Blusonic2321Sat Jan 17 1970
Nothing wrong with this website. All good!
This site is a combination of food and fashion trends. It is diverse in its content and information presented. Only critique I have is that there are occasional pop-ups for offers to "Like on Facebook" or other social media outlets. The site would be excellent, if it weren't for the occasional pop-up ads.
This one is tough to rate and here is why: Positives: It attempts the very difficult task of pointing out things to do in happening cities. One could argue about how to rate such things till the end of eternity. Negatives: It is loaded with things like bars and restraunts. The pictures have horrific stacks of food that are a heart attack on a plate. Kiss your dreams of a 6 pack stomach goodbye and enjoy your arteries clogging up and exploding!

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