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Trillian, the free instant messenger for Windows, MacOS X, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and the Web. Supports Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MySpace, AIM, Email, Google Talk, Skype, ICQ, Jabber, IRC, Bonjour, and more!

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Official site of Trillian, a useful multi protocol IM client.
Website of a multi-im client, trillian astra. Very good program, have never had a problem with it. The free version comes with an optional ask toolbar which you are able to deselect during installation, and must accept a seperate EULA for.
Great IM program, works great!
Using Trillian for 2 years and I'm very happy with it, even bought PRO version. Best IM client for those who need features and lots of protocols.
PaulPaulssonThu Jan 15 1970
very good multiple protocol IM
MillHouseCapitalsThu Jan 15 1970
Good informative site
its great tool, using this since 4 years IM for yahoo,gtalk and MSN
sanjuro.pafThu Jan 15 1970
I consider changing my search engine and installing toolbars I didn't ask for as malicious content. Sorry if you don't agree but they install garbage with the product.
I like the product, considering buying pro version.
heartspeaceFri Jan 16 1970
Great product - secure - as good as any other IM's client's privacy, security, etc.

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