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I tend to check USA Today on a daily basis for news stories. While they do have advertisements, I haven't noticed anything too annoying. (I'm not sure how much of it may be my browser settings are helping remove the annoying pop-ups though.)
USAToday is great...People don't understand the way they make their money is the advertising, and that is how the news is able to remain free. In my area the local news has advertisements AND charges a subscription fee. So I would quit complaining. Yeah I agree too much advertising is never a good thing, but USAToday's advertising really isn't that bad. If you don't like advertisements and are using Firefox or Chrome just install 'Adblock Plus', and 'Flashblock'. Those two will definitely get rid of your advertisement issues.
BuckblasterThu Jan 15 1970
Great news and updates. overall good site.
Really informative and useful!
USA Today's website
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Informative news from USA Today
Great, safe site and up to date.
Lots of tracking cookies
One of the best news sites in the world. Occasional blog posts and celebrity news that are pretty trashy and out of place, but otherwise very reliable. Less bias than most newspapers and all around trustworthy.
FinalMaplerThu Jan 15 1970
News website. Very interesting. Some ads, though.

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