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Ginger1205Fri Jan 16 1970
This is the same website as They created and new website which redirects users from which was previously blocked by hpHosts for distributing rogue security products.
Got suspicious when it tried to force me download their program. This site was called before as "" which is a bad reputation website. read this for more info:
Es una redirección de un antiguo dominio que fue marcado por distribuir falsos antivirus.
Trop beau pour être vrai. Après avoir utilisé le " logiciel " j'ai eu divers problèmes, dont un ralentissement de l'ordi et autres choses inexplicables. D'ailleurs un des anti adaware que j'utilise m'a supprimé yac ?!!! Bon débarras !
ladyofsweetsSat Jan 17 1970 Przeskanowane na tej stronie, NIEBEZPIECZNA
nathanielcwmSat Jan 17 1970
They copy malwarebytes in everything as malwarebytes says here:
When I open "" , which I've been using safely for number of years, sometimes this site appears unsolicited on my screen. Obviously I don't open it, instead I close the page. If I wanted to open this site I wouldn't be writing this comment.
My comment at 06/16/2014: "VERY DANGEROUS SITE! CRAPWARES CAN DESTRUCT YOUR COMPUTER! DANGEROUS SITE FOR MYWOT COMMENTS!" Update 18/07/2014: team ask me, via MyWOT admin automated message, to modify my rating. "Hi, The following site owners have requested for their site's reputation to be re-evaluated. Please read their requests on the forum and see if your ratings and comments are still relevant. - Read the request here: Note: this is an automated notification that doesn't require a response. " I confirm my rating with VirusTotal, see here: Update at 21/07/2014: will try to prove his innocence on this malware problems, apparently the YAC company contact the IT specializing websites, IT magazines, medias, etc .... YAC warns that it could take time. Stay tuned.
Tenga mucho cuidado programa muy peligroso. Lo instale a ordenador. Las ventanas de windows se ponía a parpadear sin parar. Cuando lo iba a quitar al reiniciar el programa se había puesto de nuevo. No lo recomiendo a nadie. Al final tuve que formatear el ordenador y instalar de nuevo todos los driver.
MicaelSantosSat Jan 17 1970

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