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machintrucWed Jan 14 1970
quite an useful website.
no popups. clean site.
Useful site
Allows cookies from various ad servers to export tracking cookies in your browser. Tracking cookies have the possibility to construct phishing on your internet surfing and signups that are encrypted.
Provides SPAM filtering and reporting on incoming eMail. Many nice features considering it's free.
Yahoo! has recently been bundling toolbar add-ins with other software that installs without your consent. Very disappointing.
baseballboy64116Thu Jan 15 1970
Good search engine! And good information!
Yahoo! sells your personal information, limited to email address, your name, your birth date, and any other email address you provide on your Yahoo! profile.
Allows searches that contain adult vocabulary to be indexed in their Yahoo!groups server. Any age can search for adult material and find it if the group profile was not set to adult content level!

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