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Lee BranumThu Jan 15 1970
Good site
As a professional truck driver I usually find my contacts and directions to the places here. Also can call for hours of there business. If I'm lucky I also get a web page for more info. I find It better than DEX web site in most of my experience. But make sure you call some offices may be in a different location than the delivery. Also for truckers check the route, map quest does not care about over weight or length, width. Still looking for a map quest for truckers.
knightinshiningarmourThu Jan 15 1970
A very good site for law abiding citizens, but cyber-criminals can wreck your day using the info here.
I CAN'T recommend dealing with them! My experience with yellow pages online "" or "" has been a nightmare. I signed up for a 1 year deal with mts yellow pages phone book and also took an online ad with "" online My whole year has been, I get no invoices for 3 months, then I get collection calls for the outstanding amount. I argue that I never got ANY invoices. They send the invoices by email and I pay them. Then I get no Invoices for 3 months and more collection calls. Again I tell them I got no Invoices to pay. They email me the invoices and I pay them. THIS CYCLE continued for the WHOLE YEAR! Add to that, the return on the advertising was hugely diminished by mistakes they make on my online ad. The proof I okayed was fine, but the ad they put up had the wrong address for almost four months. (yes I know I should have checked but I trusted that if the proof was right the ad would be done right as well. ) The location they had for me on the online map, was way off. Almost 1/2 the city away! I might take an ad in the yellow pages phone book again. BUT NEVER yellow pages online ( They seemed like they had very low traffic and counted impressions (not unique visitors) to hype the stats. ( redirects to
Listed on's top 500 websites list (by traffic).
aerosmithgnr6Thu Jan 15 1970
my brother said this site was malicious, but he's wrong!!!
manictigerThu Jan 15 1970
Lame dual redirect! Typosquatter>Superpages>Yellow Pages. The circa-1996 museum called and they said they want their browser exploit back!
ScandelicioiusThu Jan 15 1970
Beacon trackers and malware.
they have taken actions to protect your privacy and security
I signed up for a free listing, then three years later I received a bill from these #%&#$. Watch out; they'll try to steal your eye-teeth!

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