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A database of IP adresses which may be searched to determine if an IP was used in torrent networks. Also offers searches for torrent hashes and filenames. Designed by Suren Ter Saakov.

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ChaZcaTriXFri Jan 16 1970
The website doesn't guarantee its data is valid (and totally invalid in my case :D ); this may mislead and possibly harm the users who trust it. Additional pages create an image of BitTorrent protocol being used solely for piracy. In general, just another scam site scaring people over nothing (even if it wasn't intended to be one)
Tracks public P2P downloads and shows them with an IP-adress.
this site is full of crap, lists items that i havent even downloaded
Possible privacy issues with them showing p2p download history that can be searched with an IP address.
May well be involved in identity theft. Recent article on ZDNet states this site tracks BitTorrent users. However, commenters state that it is impossible to set up an account on this site using the tools provided and if you are set on doing so, you will have to use your Fb account to finally get logged in. I consider that totally unacceptable. Privacy issues with Facebook alone are a mess. Using your Fb account to login to a site like this one is an invitation for trouble.
This site has the most entertaining privacy policy I have read in ages. When I was a kid I remember a local newspaper printed the number plates of all the cars that had been parked at the town brothel. What consternation! Recenty I saw something similar in people's reactions to Wikileaks - how dare this upstart let the world know that politicians lie! Like that was some sort of revelation. Now, we find that most people don't think twice about stealing performing artists' intellectual property - somehow they don't equate it with shoplifting. All this site does is keep track of the IP addresses of freeloaders and thieves, matching them up with the titles being stolen. It is questionable if anyone who protests at this site's existence has a clear conscience.
Site shows how easy it is for anyone to track your torrents and your downloads. It serves well to educate torrent-users about privacy- and security issues with torrent-technology. Limitation of used spidering technology are well described in FAQ.
This website can help show people how unsafe bittorrent can be since it proves a lack of anonymity when using torrent applications. However, I have to disagree with making all download history public.
This site is a clever, low-budget demonstration of the amount of information available to anyone monitoring BitTorrent traffic. It simply lists activity associated with a particular IP address. No attempt is made to associate a particular user with a specific set of downloads.

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